A distinguished multilingual vocalist, Solveig was equally at home in the recording studio as on stage. For most of her life, she had been associated with professional performers and high quality teachers in her single - minded pursuit of a career in voice. Born in Montreal and raised in a German speaking home, her Mom became aware of her musical talent when as a toddler she sang along with most television commercials. Music was running in the family, Solveig's Grandfather was a professional Entertainer in Germany and her Mom was operating a Music and Folkdance Troupe in Montreal! She started at the " Evans Sisters School " of Music and Dance at the tender age of three, and performed a year later at Expo 1967. At age five she released her debut single in New York City. The following years found her studying with the Children's Theatre of Montreal. At age twelve she was the youngest performer to ever win a lead role in the Musical Patience, with the St. Laurent Operatic Society in Montreal. After graduating from the Quebec Conservatory of Music, she was given the opportunity of studying at the internationally renowned School " Vincent D' Indy " Solveig completed her licentiate performance programme at Mc Gill University and moved with her family to Ottawa. She graduated as a Coloratura Soprano Opera Singer with an" Honour Bachelor of Music" degree from the University of Ottawa. Solveig was a Kiwanis Music Festival winner for three years, as well as winning the Seniorís Scholarship, and the prestigious "Ottawa Choral Society Trophy". With her degree in vocal and classical music in hand, Solveig headed of to Europe and Opera. She auditioned in the different musical disciplines in Austria and Germany, and found herself inundated with avenues she could explore, but was unsure which way to go. There "I was in the big, bad world of opera and I thought, God I don't know if I want to do this anymore". I got really scared and got the cold feet syndrome. She headed back home to Canada to regroup, deciding what she wanted to do. "The time I was of from my singing, was the worst time in my life". The only way I could come back to music and the person I was I had to remember not letting my stage fright win and start singing again! Hoping to be given a second chance after saying thatís it, I don't  want it anymore! I'm just so grateful I was given an opportunity through my producer, manager Karin Anne, and the Song "Iím Lonely" to grab that brass ring and not let it go! Karin had teamed up with Intermedia Music Germany and produced Solveig's album, "Touch my Mind" and her single CD "Adler Im Wind " debuting number one in the new German Music Charts. Even though the album got amazing airplay in North America, for Europe, Solveig was required to stay in Germany. She had auditioned over a period of two months for the lead role in the Musical Cats in Hamburg. When the long awaited acceptance call came, Solveig decided she wanted to stay in Canada! After years of travel she missed her home, and since her album was doing well, she felt she wanted to pursue her singing courier in Canada! That was one reason, the more important one was, she had given her heart to a young man she had known for some time, he had a band of his own she wanted to join. As her producer and manager I told her not to forget the many years of school and hard work she had put into her dream, and the goals "She" had set for herself, finally getting the break she had worked so hard for! With her decision, all work in progress came to a halt, Solveig had done exactly what people had ask her over many years, "What if ". Once I had digested her news, I had to step away from being her producer - manager, as her Mom I looked into my daughters eyes, she had found a different joy and happiness in her life!! After all I had told her all along that she could have a husband, children and living her dream. As her producer I knew, that a most beautiful voice would be last for the world and all the people who had supported her Dream for most of her life .Even though I was still in disbelief, I had to step away from being her Producer-Manager! I had to remember it was her life, her choice and her Happiness!

 Solveig became a member in her husband Azim Keshavjee's cover band, Comfortably Numb!

Her dream ended when God called Solveig back home, January 21 2019 !

She now will be singing Pink Floyds powerful tune "The Great Gig In The Sky" from high up above! 

A new Star lights the Night Sky...Godspeed Solveig Angelique!

Forever in our Hearts, gone to soon!!!


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